These days, it can be hard to find something new. It seems that most things in our culture are a reference to something else, a homage, a reboot, a redesign, or a reworking. There is, of course, no problem with any of those, and sometimes they can be great. There are times, though, when you want something original. When it comes to jewelry, most people want something that speaks to them, and they want something that will be specific to them. This ideal is no more evident than when applied to diamonds. Diamonds are highly symbolic in our culture and are desired and often coveted by people.

Diamonds are unique in their own right. They are a transparent form of carbon and are made by applying an intense amount of pressure to coal and are often violently expelled from volcanoes. The resulting gemstone glitters and sparkles in the light, never giving a hint of their difficult journey into being. Diamonds are quite paradoxical. Despite its demure beauty, the diamond is the hardest substance on earth but can easily melt a woman’s heart. It is exotic but still obtainable. Diamonds are among the oldest substances on earth, yet they always shine like new.

Since diamond rings are the common symbol of an engaged woman, many women’s hands adorn a diamond as a sign of not only their impending marriage but also of their love and commitment to their beloved. However, women want their diamond rings to be as unique and special as they themselves are.  It might seem difficult or even impossible to find a unique diamond ring when the symbol itself is so common, but the designers at Continental Jewelers have done just that.

Our diamond slice ring hits the jackpot. Take a look at it. When you do, you’ll see that it has a truly original style and design, but that it does not sacrifice anything for that originality. The ring is still beautiful and unlike any other ring you have ever seen. The ring itself is a 14K rose gold ring with 1.38 carat raw cognac diamond slice and 0.11 carats of white diamonds. When looking at the ring, you are transfixed by the diamond slice which seems alluring and pristine. The diamond slice is what draws you in, but then you notice the detail with which it has been surrounded by the white diamonds. They surround the diamond slice and draw out the beauty of the slice even more. Perhaps the most intriguing feature of the diamond slice ring is its shape. At first glance, the ring appears to be roundish, but not smooth-edged at all. But, if you look more closely, you will notice that the ring is in the shape of a free-formed heart. It is truly reminiscent of the type of heart a child would draw for Valentine’s Day. It is simply perfect in its imperfection. It is the perfect way to express your love to someone despite her flaws and yours.  All of this comes together with the rose gold ring that complements the features of both the diamond slice and the white diamonds. The rose gold ring brings the entirety of the piece together in a more traditional form while not losing any of the originality of the unique design. The ring is most impressive when seen and not explained, though. You can see the ring yourself by checking it out at Continental Jewelers, but even one image cannot really do it justice.

Do not think that this uncommon ring should be reserved strictly for engagements. There are many more special occasions that are deserving of a diamond ring that stands out from the crowd. Diamonds are the symbol of a 75th anniversary, so if you are lucky enough to have been married for that long, it deserves a special ring that exemplifies your never-ending love and commitment to each other. They are also symbols of purity and strength. So, if there is a significant person in your life who embodies these characteristics, giving them the diamond slice ring is the perfect way to show how much you mean to them. This ring is also perfect for giving to someone special for no reason at all, even if that special person is you.

In order for the real beauty of this diamond slice ring to be brought out, it must be worn. It needs to glimmer in the light of the sun, and it needs to complement the hand of the wearer.  Come to Continental Jewelers and see this one-of-a-kind ring for yourself.


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