Amethyst is a beautiful deep-purple stone that is the birthstone for February. It is the rarest form of quartz in the world. The color of it alone is enough for some people to choose it for a ring or other piece of jewelry. However, there is much more to the stone than its stunning shade. Take a look at some other reasons amethyst is a great choice.


Far-infrared heat and radiation

Amethyst emits far-infrared heat and radiation from its crystals. The heat and radiation both have various health benefits to the human body when the stone is worn. Some of these benefits include:

  • Sleep support

Everyone can benefit from better sleep at night. Amethyst has the ability to help with that. There is a low level of heat that is emitted from the stone that causes an overall feeling of calm for anyone who wears it. This feeling can result in an improved sleep cycle.


  • Blood circulation

Amethyst promotes better blood circulation. The far-infrared radiation that emits from the stone promotes blood circulation, particularly around the capillaries in the skin.


  • Wound healing

Since the far-infrared radiation increases fluid circulation in the body, it supplies the cells with the nutrients that are necessary to promote wound healing.


  • Fights bacteria

Wearing amethyst can also help fend off harmful bacteria that can invade the body. Again, this benefit is due to the far-infrared heat and radiation that are emitted by the stone. Scientists have proven that the radiation from the amethyst is far more effective than regular heat therapy in this capacity.


  • Mood booster

Not all of the benefits are physiological. The far-infrared radiation can also help to improve mood as well. You don’t even need to wear the stone to get these benefits. Simply placing amethyst crystals under your pillow can have a profound effect on your mood.


Negative ion emission

Amethysts emit negative ions, and through that process bring about some other positive effects.


  • Removal of toxic particles

–           Negative ions attack toxic particles that can be harmful to the body.

  • Respiratory support

–           When the toxic particles are removed from the body, respiration becomes easier.

  • Removing aerosol

-Aerosol in the body has the same negative effects as it does to air. The negative  ions in amethyst keeps the carcinogens in aerosols out of the body.


Amethyst is more than just a beautiful stone. It has many physiological and mental benefits that make it a great choice to own and wear.  Here at Continental Jewelers, we make a vast variety of gorgeous custom gemstones for you to enjoy. If you’re looking for something special, give us a call or visit the contact page.







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